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"Have this woman back every year- she really touched me!"

"The storytelling was extremely intense and really got me thinking..."

"The power of her story and just her words in general. Awesome speaker!"

LaCosta inspires, engages and educates her audiences. Whether you need a speaker for one hour, one day or several weeks for training or even for pure entertainment, consider Jessi LaCosta of BlueRio Strategies to fill your needs. She has more than 20 years experience leading small and large groups. To read more about her background, visit this page

Topics, Retreats and Training Presentations include:

  • Communicate, Captivate, Move Things Forward©
  • Desire to Inspire! - Motivational Programs tailored for leadership development, customer service and more!
  • IACEE Personal Brand - Building Resilient Reputations Through Your Brand ©
  • Brand-Centered Sustainability© Building Resilient Leadership and Fostering Healthy Cultures
  • Coaching Through Acceptance©
  • Branding Yourself for Career Success
  • Do More than Survive - Learn to Thrive! Overcoming Adversity and Crisis
  • Teambuilding - Empowering the Group for Sustainable Success
  • Military Veteran Life-Mapping, Transition & Reintegration
  • Custom Presentations

“Jessi is a natural-born teacher. She does not leave others to their own devices or simply give them projects to do, but truly introduces them to the work world, providing them many opportunities to learn.” Dr. Susan Isaacs, Towson University (Towson, MD)

"I just wanted to thank you for your speech yesterday. It was so appropriate and humbling. I was moved by what you said and how you related your calling but in a non-religious way. You were the perfect speaker " Lovedy Zie-Carroll, Pala Casino Spa Resort (Pala, CA)

"I went to your marketing class for non-profits and I thought you were fabulous. I think you have a tremendous talent and I like learning from you, you can really heal an audience. Keep up the good work!" Adrianne Burleigh, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator, Volunteer San Diego

"I want to thank you for your very informative and inspirational presentation at the ISES Luncheon at the Red Cross Building. One of the points that has stuck most with me is that one must be consistent and true to your image in every communication and interaction with the public. I wholeheartedly agree with this and will strive to follow this advice at every opportunity—from answering the phone, to networking and following up with people, etc." Jessica L. Barnes, Human Rights in North Korea Project, FREEDOM HOUSE, Washington, DC

 “In this role of mentor and teacher, Jessi has shown great patience and skill. It is clear that she is a gifted teacher who knows how to strike the balance between hands-on instruction and allowing students to be active learners on their own.... Jessi is a fair, responsible and dedicated woman .” Bee Johns former Curator, DCCA (Wilmington, DE)

“Jessi spoke to the Business Student Association at the University of Delaware about how to be successful in pursuing a job in a business-related field and what modern "marketing" is all about. She was by far the most captivating speaker the BSA had the entire year. Jessi used her real-life experiences to relate to the students and engage them in the presentation. ... Because of Jessi's varied work experience and knowledge of many different aspects of business, she was able to appeal to students with all different majors and interests. The BSA would love to have Jessi speak again at one of our meetings.”-Kristen Blough Former Treasurer, Business Student Association, Newark, DE


  • Resilient Reputations: Womens Leadership Conference -Abbott Vascular
  • Branding Yourself for Career Success - Project Mgt Institute - San Diego,
  • Workshop: Conflict Management - Western Municipal Water District (CA)
  • (Leadership Institute) San Diego Health & Human Services
  • Keynote: 10th Annual Butterfy Event: Pala Casino and Resort (CA)
  • Resonance and Alignment: Connecting to Your Clients Through Authentic, Mindful Marketing, Portland State
  • Your Business Plan - Part 1, Small Business Development Center (Oceanside CA)
  • Marketing Plans for Your Business Plan, Small Business Development Center (Oceanside CA),
  • Panelist: DECA Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference,
  • Eliciting Excellence Conference, One of 10 leadership experts,
  • Marketing Plans for Your Business Plan, Small Business Development Center (North County)
  • Making Your Communication Count – The Power of Promise: SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America)
  • Marketing Workshop: Maximize Your Messages - Marketing that Makes Impact - NonProfit Mgt. Solutions,
  • VisionWeekend 2010 Conference, Branding – Impacting Your Double-bottom line Through Promises and Solutions.

Other Appearances include:

  • National Speaker's Assocation, San Diego Chapter
  • IOC 2010
  • University of San Diego
  • Guest Speaker; Kevin Kermes Career Boot Camp
  • ISES, San Diego Chapter
  • NonProfit Day sponsored by NMS
  • San Diego State UniversitY
  • San Diego Trauma Therapy Annual Dinner
  • University of Baltimore
  • ISES, DC Chapter
  • University of Delaware


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