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Why BlueRio?
BlueRio is about making lasting impact by supporting the transformations of individuals, organizations and communities using breakthrough strategies based in relational neuroscience,
brand-centered™ approaches and resilience

My Philosophy and Approach:

Intuitive, insightful and yet still very tactical.

I see the big picture without losing sight of the small details that are along the way.

Offering REAL feedback/feed forward in REAL time, firm and truthful and yet I will communicate with a caring enough stance that it resonates with you

If you believe that innovative, results-focused, vision-driven, realistic and yet empathetic support would help you and/or your organization realize your goals –– then you have found that in my approach.

My services are custom, reflecting your needs. With over 20 years experience, I bring clarity to situations and work with people to create mindful strategies for action planning. It is always about finding the right and the best path for you to achieve your goals and meet double and triple bottom results. My belief and experience with systems-thinking, strength-based development, brain and mind science, IPNB, (interpersonal neurobiology) offers a strong foundation to help my clients.

Three of the achievements I am very proud of:

To be honored and acknowledged as one of the first thought-leaders to fuse interpersonal neurobiology, branding and conflict management together as a way to coach and consult people and teams transforming difficult situations to ones of great potential; doing more than surviving but thriving. And in doing so, also supporting the transformation of people; how they approach challenge and overcome adversity, moving their visions into reality.

Another is the Brand-Centered Leadership and Sustainability™ model that has resonated with many professionals - as an authentic, purposeful and also strategic way of building productive and compassionate leadership cultures.

And finally is the recognition from others and the results I have been witness to of my intuitive and skillful ability to find solutions for very tough situations using collaborative, empathetic and strategic efforts. And I am honest in that if I can’t support your vision, I will refer you to someone who can. Life is too short for the wrong mix of people and systems. I believe in finding the right connections, the right mix for people to thrive. I work with all industries and people at many levels, however most of my current client base consists of:  social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, veterans and reservists, community organizations and professionals in career transitions.
Just a quick snapshot that I offer more than words - I have demonstrated results:

  • Individual client on brink of quitting after poor employee review - ends up with offer of promotion after extensive coaching and personal brand management work.
  • President faces two core employees possibly quiting due to intense conflict stemming from an onsite crisis. Both employees stay - all involved develop increased conflict management skills.
  • Small nonprofit challenged with any growth potential engages BlueRio for strategic planning, leadership developent and brand building. Efforts resulted in a restructure of board responsibilities that aligned better with individual talents and organizational goals, as well as a 73% increase in membership.


BlueRio Mission & Movement is about...

Offering tools and processes for transformation that support a more conscientious, empathetic and strategic lens through which people lead their lives, to ultimately create profound personal, professional and societal shifts AND to result in a sustainable, more resilient world

Core values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability
  • Empathy
  • Quality

Core values defined by BRS:

  1. Integrity: The foundation will only be as stable and as strong as the ethics and honesty that are practiced.
  2. Respect: Every engagement - including all participants - partners, staff, clients and vendors - is crucial to my success. Treat every person with honor and decency and the notion that all people bring value.
  3. Authenticity: Be you.  We all bring worthwhile ideas and benefits to a situation - and yes they may be different from another's view - and that is ok - as long as the ideas stem from genuine beliefs and authentic intentions.
  4. Accountability: It is great to be nice, to inspire and to respond with positive intentions - but we must do more - we must deliver what we promise.
  5. Empathy: Business does NOT have to be synonymous with cold-hearts and back-stabbing. It can be grounded in a sharing of perspectives, supportive actions and results-oriented interpersonal communication.
  6. Quality: When we act, behave, and initiate innovations and solutions based on the first five values we will manifest the last - quality services - so our clients are happy and we are also gratified with everyone's success.

The "DNA" Story:
I started my career in marketing, branding and communications. Yet, I always found extraordinary fulfillment when helping others accomplish their goals. In fact, without really knowing I had been coaching people all along. After some prompting from some colleagues, I trained in coaching, conflict resolution and organization development to broaden my skill set and to be able to offer services to others.

The Story of the Name:
Colors can mean a lot to many people. However, most experts consider that blue is about loyalty, quality, steadfastness, approachability, wisdom, sincerity and trust. I have always loved blue and drawn to its simple sophistication. The River (Rio) has long been a form of inspiration, guidance and a communication tool for many cultures throughout history.

The two together remind me of a strong, centered support that moves outward and forward, propelling it and others to reach for the zenith.  Even beginning as a freelancer, I knew I wanted a name for my services - something more than just my own name.

During a discussion with a friend (now my husband,) I was considering two spirits that heavily influenced my happiness – they were my two dogs – one at the time still alive and one deceased. They were Blue and Rio.

As I sat and explored how much I loved them – and the meanings behind their names. I also realized how deep the impact could be by putting together both. And so became BlueRio.

BlueRio started in 2004 in Delaware and has since been located also in Maryland, California and North Carolina - serving clients nation-wide. It's been known as BlueRio Coaching, BlueRio Strategies and the BlueRio Institute - all ways to support our clients many needs.

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