Brand-Centered Sustainability (BCS) – A mindful approach that connects people to inspired, accountable visions and results in attuned, compassionate leadership and healthy growth.

Brand-Centered Sustainability™ refers to the infusion of the brand essence into all facets of an organization or a person’s life. The brand essence, also considered the meaning behind a person, product or a company –THE SOUL, the emotional connection of the brand (personal brand, product or organizational brand) to its stakeholders - staff, vendors, patients, clients and customers. It is the sum of what the brand is about. The brand essence when integrated into the systems and culture of a team or oganization is the glue that binds intentions, aspirations and behavior. And when intentions are driven by realistic goals, accountable leadership and inspired visions that connect to the brand – sustainable success can be achieved. Brand-Centered Leadership contributes to Brand-Centered Sustainability. Looking at leadership, teams and organizations through this lens is also about understanding how to increase and enhance adaptability and flexibility to foster more thn sustainability. It can be used to foster resilience.

BCS© can be applied to any organization, small company or firm and most successfully to double and triple bottom line organizations and cause-focused individuals.

Traditional bottom-line = purely financial profits
Double bottom-line = people and profits
Triple bottom-line = people, planet and profits

When I look at a company and examine its brand – I also look to see how systems are built to capture the brand essence and to align with the individual’s needs as well. When employees can rally around a brand that makes sense to them, that complements or aligns with their values and visions, everyone thrives.  They work collaboratively towards a unified mission, they treat each other with respect, they work with clients to deliver results and bottom-lines are met. They welcome flexibility and are less likley to resis change that occurs after challenging situations. They are more likely to foster a resilient attitude. This is about inspiring healthy leadership and strong cultures that encourage delivering promises that meet and exceed stakeholders expectations.


The same thing can be said about individuals. When they create systems in their life to align their personal or professional goals with their brand essence – their values and strengths – they ultimately create pathways to long-term, purposeful and meaningful success.


Developing and articulating a brand simply is not enough anymore. Instead of trying to stand out in a crowd, individuals and businesses MUST commit to adding authentic value, solving real problems, showing empathy and compassion for those dedicated to helping them achieve their visions and ultimately demonstrating results.


Building a business or a life for sustained success is not often easy, and not without challenges and conflict. In fact, one facet of building brand-centered leadership through Brand-Centered Sustainability is dealing with conflict in a way that acknowledges its value. I view conflict as the foundation for examining perspectives, hidden knowledge and opportunities for deep growth, for overcoming adversity and for developing the flexibility to succeed in tough situations. Approaching conflict means having empathy for those involved and seeking a higher ground to aspire to for solutions. I am able to do this because of my training in mediation and interpersonal neurobiology, my personal background with conflict and crisis situations and my deep admiration, respect and value for human nature. I also know this can be a super tough effort on you own. And I enjoy the collaboration with my clients to build teams, businesses and lives worthy of long-term success.

Is your ability to manage and lead through a brand-centered approach strong or weak? 
Symptoms when Brand-Centered Sustainability™ is weak:


  • Goals misunderstood and not reached
  • Career focus is fuzzy
  • Others don't understand your mission
  • Conflict in workplace or home
  • Teams and departments working at cross-purposes
  • Inability to raise funds
  • Lack of awareness in community
  • Unhealthy work environment
  • Feeling of being stuck, unable to achieve dreams
  • Fear that others may fail you or you may fail them


Unlike other things in life that you can't change, all of the above you can - when you commit to Brand-Centered Sustainability™. By placing your brand at the core, you develop leadership capabilities that surpass surface growth. If you have not achieved your goals, if meeting your bottom-lines has taken its toll, if others around you do not share your passion or understand your vision, there is hope.  Integrate the core of your brand into your systems. Do it with a genuine desire to lead and to grow and to make an impact.

I can help you. This application and approach is based in sound marketing, communications, personal development, social psychology, neuroscience and brand strategy theories and techniques. 


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