What People Say about Jessi LaCosta and BlueRio Strategies:

"I just wanted to thank you for your speech yesterday. It was so appropriate and humbling. The material was relevant to the audience. I appreciated how you incorporated statistics with personal stories. I was moved by what you said and how you related your calling but in a non-religious way. You were the perfect speaker to address our audience on Sept. 11th. Thank you for your time, energy and making our event extra special." Lovedy Zie-Carroll, M.H.A., Special Events Manager, Guest Development, Pala Casino Spa Resort

"Jessi is a very intuitive and creative thinker. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by her. After spending 10 years in the military, I left with absolutely no confidence in myself or my future in the civilian world. Jessi helped me define my strengths, skills and goals. She assisted me in developing a clear educational and career path by honing in on my personality traits.

She's not one to 'give' you all the answers but she will definitely help you organize your thoughts and ideas so that you have the answers! I figured out a college major, improved resume and LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, and chose a career field. Her brilliance and encouragement have definitely impacted my life in the most positive way.

"Jessi LaCosta puts her heart and soul into creating excellent online classes!  Take her classes. You will not be disappointed!   Here is a thank you I sent to her after the course completion.   "I want to send you a heart-felt thanks for helping create community in our class.  It was a pleasure to be involved with such a great group of people.  You truly channel the ideas and energy of your passion for teaching Resilience and IPNB to all of us to do great things with the ideas and concepts we learn. There is so much great course material to digest (in a good way) - many thought provoking ideas generated, and such a great sense of community in which we could share our ideas and thoughts about the course material."  Kat P. Portland, Oregon

"Jessi LaCosta's teaching style reflects her experiences through engaging students and those interested in diving deeper into their understanding of coaching. She has an array of methods to meet the needs of coaches and would-be coaches by honing into their needs and interests and supplying even more information in that area.

With a wide background and interest in multicultural experiences, Jessi supports participants with encouragement, unafraid to share experiences that may expand their perspective while bringing compassion to the experience. I have had several opportunities to study with Jessi's guidance and even as a licensed counselor and a board certified coach, I find her style inviting and supportive for my own growth. We continue to learn when we open our selves to the opportunities. Don't miss it!"

Jocelyn Sherman, PhD, BCC, LPC

"If you are looking for a full-bodied course that invite all the feelings and experiences of a wholehearted life, Coaching Through Acceptance offers mature reflection, provocative readings, and intelligent interaction. Jessi La Cosata does not shy away from the more difficult emotions of fear, sadness, and anger as some coaches tend to do. She offers opportunities for coaches to expand into more challenging areas with their clients, themselves, and a thereby enriched world. I highly recommend any course Jessi offers."
LLR, Board-Certified Coach

'I'm so grateful to you and your Personal Branding Boot Camp! Your expertise proved positive when I took all the brilliant nuggets I learned and applied it to my new business venture. The Boot Camp was not only very professional, but clear, focused, structured and extremely informative. Thanks again.

Amie Hoff, Hoff Fitness, New York City • www.HoffFitness.com

"I recently transitioned out of a long and successful military career....Military personnel offer a wealth of expertise and talent, but sometimes this gets lost in translation with employers. Using creative coaching techniques and exploration tools, Jessi helped me recognize my greatest strengths and assets and illustrate them in a way that shows the value I can bring to any employer. Her assistance has been a godsend in my career search efforts."

Dale Rupright, St Louis, Missouri

“When I made the decision to attend the Personal Branding workshop, I had already developed a preconceived notion of what would be presented. I was quite inaccurate in my expectations. This workshop was about empowerment and identity. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Jessi LaCosta, presented the material in an interactive and engaging manner. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this workshop.”

Sheila Prados, Baltimore, MD

“Working with Jessi has been a life changing experience - both professionally and personally. Her coaching not only helped me to better articulate the ideas I wanted to share in the workplace, but she also helped me drill down to reveal and dissolve the barriers I put up when communicating with certain audiences. Beyond the communication coaching, she helped me to begin a process of self-understanding, to discover what truly motivates me and what my mission in life is.

I am tremendously appreciative of Jessi's insights and her passion for this work; I didn't realize the transformations that were around the corner when I picked up the phone earlier this year to inquire about Jessi's coaching!”

Karen, Franz Staff Scientist / Watershed Program Director at San Diego Coastkeeper

“Jessi LaCosta volunteers for Nonprofit Management Solutions to provide capacity building training for nonprofits in San Diego County. She has been an absolute joy to work with! She has an incredible energy and the evaluations reflect her enthusiasm, innovation and knowledge she brings to each workshop. She has been a fantastic addition to Nonprofit Management Solution's faculty!!”

Serena Ngo - Nonprofit Management Solutions ( San Diego, CA)

“We worked with Jessi on branding, internet presence, and various marketing activities. She is fabulous -- full of great and inventive ideas, and wonderful at implementing concepts. Jessi is very giving of her time and talent, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her. Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad feels fortunate to have her formidable skills as a resource.”

Pat Maldi, Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad, Carlsbad CA

“Jessi LaCosta brings skill, knowledge and wit to an array of topics that are important to students and other potential leaders in our community.  Jessi has the ability to tailor her presentations to fit a multitude of audiences, so that complex topics can be understood by all, from beginners to experts.  The quality that sets Jessi apart from others, though, is her passion for her work and her compassion for her clients.  She understands the true nature of coaching – she “gets it.” 

Jessi has been a true joy to work with both as a participant in workshops and as a presenter, and is a valuable asset to any individual or group as a coach, trainer, facilitator or speaker. Jessi is a top-notch professional and an excellent communicator.  She understands the nature of communication, and is adept at sharing knowledge and feedback to provide the best value and service to her clients.”
Anthony Butler, University of Baltimore, Baltimore. MD

"Thank you so much for being the eyes, ears, mind and heart witnessing the birth of this major business presentation and "coming out" business event... You help draw much more quality and thoroughness from me. You help the task feel less daunting. I know I can trust that your feedback will be honest, conveyed with respect and kindness, yet firmness if needed based on your huge knowledge base.... Your branding coaching process has provided that intelligent, emotionally intelligent, guided discovery process that has helped draw all of the best out of me. ."

Dana Terrell, LCSW, EMDRIA-Approved Consultant President of SanDiegEMDR.com. San Diego, CA

"Jessi began volunteering with us, and we quickly invited her to join the Board of Directors. We knew that Jessi had previous Board experience with other organizations, as well as great marketing skills. She has done an exemplary job in growing our membership, launching our new website, and positioning us for future growth. Her dedication and problem solving abilities are outstanding! We are a much stronger organization with Jessi on our team.”

Cathy Zaitzow. Past President, San Diego Organization Development Network (Los Angeles, CA)

"Amazing! I was faced with a very uncomfortable situation at work, and Jessi was instrumental in guiding and supporting me throughout the experience. She was able to delicately point out opposing views, encouraged me to consider all possible outcomes, and consistently steered me in the right direction. "

San Diego NonProfit Executive.

"If you have a chance, even a minute, to decide to work with Jessi, take it. It is worth 10 times the cost, as she will care for your future more than you do, and will help you see your own picture more clearly. I can clearly say that this time spent was way, way too short, just the right intensity, and may be the most impactful investment that I have made. "

T.S. Navy Veteran

"I want to thank you for your very informative and inspirational presentation at the ISES Luncheon at the Red Cross Building. One of the points that has stuck most with me is that one must be consistent and true to your image in every communication and interaction with the public. I wholeheartedly agree with this and will strive to follow this advice at every opportunity—from answering the phone, to networking and following up with people, etc."

Jessica L. Barnes, Human Rights in North Korea Project, FREEDOM HOUSE, Washington, DC

 "Rarely I have found someone whose dedication matches Ms. LaCosta’s.  She approaches every challenge with intelligence and enthusiasm and she brings to her work an unusual depth of experience. She has a particular gift for teaching and mentoring others.  Unlike many creative people, she takes the time to share her talent and experience with others in order to help them learn to be the best they can be."

María E. McCabe, Veritas Communication, Chadds Ford, PA

“I very much enjoyed the sessions. The topics were educational and informative. I really got a lot out of the case studies and examples. I also very much appreciated the reinforcement of building from one's strengths instead of the more familiar concentration on 'areas to improve.' I found the experience very upbeat and positive. I am glad each session came with a resource guide since I feel I need to learn more about a variety of topics before I feel comfortable applying them with confidence in my work area.

Instructors all came across as very knowledgeable and professional. Enjoyed the freedom of doing the sessions at the office and not having to find time to travel. The phone conference and slides worked well for me (low tech and easy to follow!!). Well organized, logical flow of ideas and concepts. Thank you for including me in the inaugural session!”

Mary Valerio, Deputy Environmental Services Director, City of San Diego, CA

"Classes from BlueRio offer a huge selection of learning methodologies so one can learn according to one’s personal strengths of information processing. It is very clear that Jessi LaCosta researches the best and most current information possible to offer us the most up to date data possible, she is active in the discussion boards, and offers great insight/insightful questions to facilitate even deeper exploration. This [Survive & Thrive] is my second course, and I will be taking another. For those who love to learn, then share that learning, these courses are great values! Thank you Jessi for your hard work and your dedication to bettering us and our clients and our world.”

Jeanmarie Reynolds, LPC, BCC

“Jessi is a bright and charismatic leader who brings great energy and discernment to both problem solving and vision building scenarios. I have worked with Jessi on the San Diego Organizational Development Network Board and she has provided a great source of expertise and guidance to help strengthen the identity and function of the board. I am very grateful to get to serve alongside one of San Diego's great professional leaders.”

Sarah Check Ferry, San Diego CA

"I first met Jessi LaCosta after a speaking engagement at the University of Delaware in 2004. She was there to share with our class her vast knowledge of marketing and the importance of branding with which she built her career. On that day I took much more than marketing away from her lecture. As Jessi spoke about her life/work experiences I felt in many ways as if she were speaking about my own.

I felt an instant connection to her; and shortly after our initial meeting Jessi became both my mentor and my friend. Jessi is a genuine individual who holds true to her values even in the most difficult situations and expects no less from the people around her. I have found her drive and passion to be incredibly inspirational. But what truly sets her apart is her kindness and compassion. She is a woman who truly cares about the human spirit."

Stacy Flug - NYC, NY

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