Simply put - I live my personal and professional life in a place of resilience - that is not just getting past extreme challenges - but thriving often because of them and sometimes in spite of them.

Car-jacking at gun-point, home invasions, family members experiencing trauma and on the professional side - managing more than one organizational crisis -these all have taught me so much about adversity and empowerment. It only made sense that my career would shape to focus on Resilience - how I stay resilient and how I can help others to do the same.

With more than 20 years professional experience, I have worked in a blend of for profit and nonprofit platforms -- on both coasts (from New York to San Diego) that have always infused strategic communications, and approaches that are client or staff-focused, mindful, and systems-centered.

This way processes and strategies are aligned to utilize people's best values and strengths for the good of the whole. The same approach works well for individuals in that we honor a personal or professional vision and implement systems that bring thoughts into actions and dreams into realities.

My immersion in Interpersonal Neurobiology, (the study of brain science and relationships) has given me a deep understanding of how the intersection of healthy minds and systemic tactics can contribute to effective, compassionate leadership development, crisis management, brand development and community growth.

After helping to launch a new medical practice marketing and organizational model for an Ophthalmic Surgery Center in New York City, I was fortunate to be recruited to work at one of the nation’s top advertising agencies, Deutsch, where I honed my relationship marketing and branding skills. From there I truly cut my teeth in the nonprofit world when I joined a contemporary art museum in Delaware. With the help of a small staff, I increased membership, developed strong brand identity standards from which to measure marketing and outreach efforts and nearly doubled our press within my first six months.

My magnetic draw to helping people inspired my coaching and consulting practice that started in 2004 after leaving the museum. Projects since have included brand development for business coaches, media campaigns for state-wide summits, keynote speaking engagements, career coaching for government executives and strategic planning for nonprofits and social enterprises just to name a few.

With my extensive experience in facilitation, strategic communications, training, coaching, professional speaking, program development, organization effectiveness and reputation management, I excel in problem solving - bringing clarity, compassion and strategy to situations. Being involved this way inspires me to push for purposeful results.

I am fervent about creating sustainable practices that yield long-term growth, healthy organizations, vision-inspired careers and socially relevant solutions. Concerned with more than one bottom-line – and strive to support others in serving double and triple-bottom lines, I believe that whether I support a for-profit or a nonprofit, an entrepreneur or a student, there are many ways my skills can help "People, Planet and Profit."


  • CCE-Board Certified Coach with special designations in Career and Corporate/Business/Leadership Coaching
  • Certified Mastermind Executive Coach


  • Graduate level certificate of completion in Interpersonal Neurobiology (Portland State)
  • Conflict Resolution certificate of completion: Conflict Resolution Network: (Australia)
  • M.A. degree in Communication Design and Leadership Certificate (University of Baltimore)
  • B.S. degree in Corporate Media (James Madison University)



"I just wanted to thank you for your speech. It was so appropriate. The material was relevant to the audience. I appreciated how you incorporated statistics with personal stories. I was moved by what you said..You were the perfect speaker to address our audience on Sept. 11th. Thank you for your time, energy and making our event extra special." Lovedy Zie-Carroll, Pala Casino Spa Resort

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