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Interviewed in Military Families Magazine, I Don't Know What I Want to Be, February 2015, read it here

Featured in University of Baltimore Magazine, Serving Those Who’ve Served, May 2012

Interviewed in Military Times, Brand power makes you stand out to the world, March 2012

Article Published in EVO magazine, Balancing the Cause and Profit. November 2011

Article Published in Affluent Magazine, Personal Branding: Can it increase your happiness?

Interviewed in University of Baltimore Alumni Magazine: Ask the Experts: Surviving a Tough Job Market - FALL 2009

Article published on SanDiego 10: An Interview with Local Artist, My Mothe

Article published in Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce: Maximise Your Company's Brand - October 2009, read here.

Article published in Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce: Is Your Thinking Holding You Back? - November 2009, read here.

Mentioned in: More Great Tips (And An Invite) For Running Interactive Webinars - July 2009, r
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HR Guru, Meet Jessi LaCosta, HR OD Strategist/Coach, BlueRio Strategies, 2/25/09, read here.

Review: SDSU Daily Aztec, Finding strength after assault, 2007, read more here.

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