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My methods are strategic, collaborative and action-based. I offer affordable expertise and support.

Partnering with individuals from all levels, I work with people either one-one-one or to collbaborate with them and their team or company to put in place systems that yield long-term growth, vision-inspired careers and socially relevant solutions.

Most of my work uses coaching as the primary service, yet I also use training, consulting, motivational speaking and working retreats to bring about the changes clients want and need.

And while not all my services blend brand-development and brand management into it - most will keep the brand essence at the core of the services. The brand essence is the soul, the heart and the ulimate idea of what your brand stands for. It is sums up how your brand connects emotionally with all your stakeholders. This includes staff, vendors, clients, patients and custmers. In terms of leadership, which I understand to be both a process AND a position, most effective and efficient work in leadership is brand-centered. I also seek to help people foster flexibility and strength in adversity - another way to look at this is using the brand-essence to uncover the ability to thrive - to be resilient in the face of great challenges.

At the organizational level I help to initiate growth and change innovative solutions for developmentstrategies through Brand-Centered Sustainability©. This is a process I designed to be a strategic, results-oriented approach for accountable, attuned leadership development that aligns with a healthy organizational culture. This way of infusing the brand into all facets by connecting people and systems to a core vision creates effective, efficient, healthy and sustainable platforms for resilience and success.

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As a Board Certified Coach with special designations in Corporate/Leadership and Career Coaching, I have provided in excess of 3000 hours of coaching to individuals and teams and am approved to administer many feedback and 360 assessment tools including:

  • Golden Personality Type Profiler
  • VAL (Values Assessment)
  • InsightMirror 360 Leadership
  • Skill Scan Career Driver
  • Style Matters (Communication and Connflict Inventory)
  • TKI (Communication and Connflict Inventory)
  • Career Leader
  • CSQ Creative Style Questionnaire,
  • LPI Leadership Potential Indicator
  • MLQ Management & Leadership Questionnaire,
  • SCQ Sales Competencies Questionnaire and more.

For a list of many of the assessments, visit this page


Professional Development Assessments

Surveys, assessments, team-building games, retreats, facilitation, vision boarding and more . We use any and all cool tools that result in productive output when it fits with a clients needs. Very often, online development can be cost-effective and efficient - especially for virtual work or for individual growth. Tools can be used to engage for the following reasons:

  • Workstyle Analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Team-building
  • Board-engagement
  • Mission Development
  • Brand Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Career Transition

Assessments Used:

  1. Golden Personality Type Profiler
  2. Style Matters Conflict Inventory
  3. Page Workplace Behavior Inventory
  4. VAL (Values - Individual)
  5. VALOR (Values - Organizational)
  6. InsightMirror 360 Leadership
  7. Leadership Potential Inventory
  8. EIQ16 (Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire)
  9. Skill Scan Career Driver
  10. Customized Personal Branding Assessment
  11. Brand-Centered Sustainability Inventory™ -

You can learn more about the assessments at this link.

*Discounts for volume available. Please inquire about which assessment you are interested in and the *cost associated with it. You may also inquire about sample reports for many of the above assessments.

*Because BlueRio Strategies does not own the above assessments they are considered non-refundable costs. 760.72