Brand-Centered Inventory™

Brand-Centered Sustainability™ – A strategic, results-oriented approach for accountable, attuned leadership development and healthy organizational growth.

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This online diagnostic tool helps businesses and nonprofits understand how well their Brand/ DNA is integrated into their organizations and is viewed by all of the organization’s stakeholders. It can be an incredibly valuable tool to understand your organization and to understand how your Brand is perceived by all of your stakeholders. More info is available below.
This tool & report offers direction and guidance for both building upon current strengths, and identifying potentially crippling gaps that affect the long-term sustainability of a business unit or entire organization. A 60 – 90 minute phone debriefing session is also included to review main issues or interests from report.
In short, it can deliver the following:

  • A picture of the current internal communication/brand culture from “leader to line.”
  • A snap-shot of current external stakeholders’ brand perceptions from – the board, selected vendors and community supporters, as well as a limited scope view of clients/customers’ perception of the brand culture.
  • A baseline understanding of what is working in the cultural makeup of the organization’s employee landscape.
  • A baseline understanding of the gaps that need to be addressed to effectively create a sustainable brand-centered culture system-wide. Increased engagement around focused areas needing development and improvement.



The Brand Centered Inventory™ measures the capacity to build and maintain a sustainable business through a brand-centered culture. It helps a leadership team to analyze the brand culture capacity – the current strength and effectiveness of an organization’s employees, board members, volunteers and other close stakeholders to lead through the brand in a sustainable way. Leading through the brand in an attuned, accountable manner is about successfully connecting people, actions, behaviors and goals with the core purpose – the mission of the company or organization.

What is The Brand Centered Inventory Experience used for? Business Units and Organizations can use the results of the diagnostic tool, strategic coaching sessions  & facilitation meetings to:

  • Examine strategic communication successes and failures
  • Redevelop brand culture to align with Vision, Mission, Values
  • Revisit Strategic Plans/Develop Strategic Plans
  • Develop or improve employee engagement programs
  • Re-engage less committed board members
  • Unite departments and cross-functional teams
  • Examine and develop improved strategies for maximizing double and triple bottom-line results
  • Develop blueprints for creating and maintaining successful, brand-centered organizations

The BCI offers a window into the internal culture that drives reputation and trust among all stakeholders. Trust + reputation, based on brand-centered culture drives and engages people around common themes that will support and sustain success.


Areas of Perceived Capacities that  are Measured:Strength of awareness and alignment of:


  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Brand Message
  • Organizational Values
  • Team/individual/Organization Goals
  • Communication and Knowledge Dissemination
  • Promises and Solutions
  • Board Leadership of Brand
  • Executive Leadership of Brand
  • Staff Leadership of Brand
  • External Stakeholders’ understanding of brand (limited.)

For a more robust understanding of external brand awareness (clients, customers, vendors) the BCI may be conducted along side a more traditional brand audit. Contact for more information.




[learn_more caption=”Who Can Use The Brand Centered Inventory™?”] Who Can Use The Brand Centered Inventory™?

Any company or organization with ten or more employees may benefit from the Brand Centered Inventory ™, however in most situations the best use of this will be for organizations or business units between starting at 15 employees. When larger organizations are segmented by business units or teams – the BCI can be administered to those segments separately.  Or we can cast a wide net to tap into representatives of entire organization and survey up to 175 raters in cross-functional capacities.* To survey more than 175 raters contact us for special pricing.

Also measures board of directors if participant has a board of directors.

Applicable for NGO’s, nonprofits, B-Corps, Social Enterprises, Public and Private sectors, Start-Ups in Fast Growth. Not applicable to operations under 15 employees. *Inquire about audits for small businesses and solutions for small nonprofits. [/learn_more]

One recent participating organization (Impact Young Adults) went through the BCI™ – formerly the BLI – and committed to a revised strategic plan afterwards. Having recently implemented an action item from that plan, the President said,

“We wanted to share this win with you because we couldn’t have gotten here without your support and direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

Results included: 21% increase in membership. 73% increase in Active membership. 100% increase in Board members.

Impact Young Adults Case Study FOR IYA Impact Young Adults – now with a new Vision, Mission and even web site. Visit them here. 

[learn_more caption=”How Much Does the BCI™ Cost?”]PILOT PHASE: FREE!!! To those invited to participate.

Introductory Cost:

While The BCI is in its launch phase, it is offered at only $475 for companies surveying up to 150 raters.  It includes execution of survey, report and a 60 – 90 minute personalized debriefing session.