InsightMirror 360º Leadership Assessment

InsightMirror 360º Leadership Assessment: is based on eight leadership skill areas based on the written material and research of three of the most respected management experts:

  • Marcus Buckingham,
  • Peter Drucker (1910 – 2005),
  • Warren Bennis.

Exceptional Managers Know:

• It is within people’s strengths where opportunities for exceptional performance lie.
• Managers need to help fellow workers manage their weaknesses, because if they don’t learn to manage those weeds they cannot keep the garden beautiful.
• Decentralization as a principle of organization shortens the corporate ladder allowing people “closest to the action” to play a major part in the organization’s decision-making process.

The Eight INSIGHTMirror 360º Leadership Abilities

(1) Communication Skills,
(2) Decision Making,
(3) Promotes Innovation And Change,
(4) Working Relationships,
(5) Leadership Skills,
(6) Coaching Skills,
(7) Utilizing One’s Strengths,
(8) Team Development.

Within each of these leadership skill areas are at least two specific sub-skill areas. Skill Areas relating to the 64-question leadership instrument give leaders a full array of their strengths and weaknesses based on these eight powerful attributes demonstrated by outstanding leaders. In addition, there are 11 different areas where raters can write in comments regarding the participant, enriching the results of numerical feedback.

The INSIGHTMirror 360 report provides you survey results in these areas:

  • Scores from the 64 questions
  • Your strength areas
  • Areas needing improvement if applicable
  • Your blind spots
  • Summary scores
  • Norm Scores: for each question there is a statistically based “norm score” so Ratees can compare their score for a particular question with our statistically sound control group of INSIGHTMirror Ratees.
  • Abilities to customise questions agreed upon with BlueRio Strategies Coach

To view a sample reportclick here ( you will need adobe acrobat reader – a free download click here )