The Values Arrangement List for Organizations (VALOR)

The Values Arrangement List for Organizations (VALOR) is the only comprehensive online survey to accurately assess Operational and Mission values. The Individual and Composite VALOR reports are two essential resources designed to help you understand and apply organizational values.

VALOR is a one-of-a kind instrument that will enable you to develop a shared organizational values profile, specifying which Mission and Operational values are most important to your company. Explore your strategy, make better decisions, reduce intergroup conflict, and explore the formal, informal and technical maze within your organization’s culture.

relies on a rich philosophical, historical and academic tradition for understanding organizational values and employs modern statistical scoring design methods. VALOR’s Individual Feedback and Composite Reports are easy to read and interpret. The Individual Feedback Report provides an excellent point of entry into the nature of organizational values by revealing how individual respondents see values in daily and long term use. The Composite Report is used to define the shared value system of the organization. Assess every member of the organization or representative samples of internal and external stakeholder groups.

To view a sample report click here ( you will need adobe acrobat reader – a free download click here )