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At BlueRio we focus on making a lasting impact by supporting the transformations of individuals, organizations, and communities using breakthrough strategies based in relational neuroscience, brand-centered™ approaches, and resilience. We understand that cookie-cutter approaches rarely deliver the results wanted and needed. Each client has unique qualities that we take into consideration as we develop and deliver solutions.

We also know that certain evidence-based models and data-driven techniques can be instrumental and use them as the foundation for working with our clients. Years of experience allows us this ability to incorporate established protocals with innovative strategies that reflect each project.



Philosophy and Approach:
Intuitive, insightful, and yet still very tactical.

It’s about seeing the big picture without losing sight of the small details that are along the way. Offering REAL feedback in REAL time, firm and truthful, and yet communicating with a caring enough stance that it resonates with you.

Innovative, results-focused, vision-driven, realistic, adaptive and empathetic, BlueRio offers solutions to  help you and/or your organization realize your goals, move visions into reality and make impact!


Transforming lives by leveraging resilient leadership and social impact – world-wide 


How I Got Started

My services are custom, reflecting your needs. With over 20 years of experience, I bring clarity to situations and work with people to create mindful strategies for action planning and impact-driven goals. It is about finding the right and the best path for you to achieve your goals and meet double and triple bottom results. It is about helping you foster resilience that is sustainable.

And I get the importance of this from personal and professional experience.

Simply put – I have lived my personal and professional life in a place of resilience – that is not just getting past extreme challenges – yet thriving often because of them and sometimes in spite of them.


The “DNA” Story:

I started my career in marketing, branding, and communications, at one point even working at one of the top Advertising Agencies of the day.  Yet, I always found extraordinary fulfillment when helping others accomplish their goals. In fact, without really knowing I had been coaching people all along.

After some prompting from some colleagues, I realized my calling and left a Marketing and Public Relations position to launch BlueRio. I trained in coaching, conflict resolution, crisis communication and management, relational neuroscience, leadership, and organization development to broaden my skill set and to be able to offer services to others.

My immersion in Interpersonal Neurobiology, (the study of brain science and relationships) has given me a deep understanding of how the intersection of healthy minds and systemic tactics can contribute to effective, compassionate leadership development, crisis management, brand development and community growth.

Since BlueRio began, I’ve designed and delivered virtual and onsite solutions to professionals from line to leadership. I’ve worked with scientists, start-ups, nonprofit executives, military veterans, other leadership coaches. I also am proud to have been chosen to coach and train Local, State, and Federal Agency Executives as well – from government employees to high-level Executives (SES) and Agency Leaders – All in some way helping them “move their visions into reality.”

To read more about LaCosta, including her educational and training background visit the About page.

BlueRio’s Core Values are below.



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Transforming Lives by Leveraging Resilient Leadership and Social Impact – World-Wide


Integrity: BlueRio practices ethical approaches and commits to honesty and respect. Treat every person with honor and decency and the notion that all people bring value.

Authenticity: Be you. We all bring worthwhile ideas and benefits to a situation. Opposing views are ok – as long as the ideas stem from authentic intentions without any hostile impact or hurtful results. Healthy collaboration can come from innovative, unique views.

Accountability: We must deliver what we promise and execute with intention.

Empathy: Strategy may be essential and we often deliver difficult feedback to execute plans. Yet, to be productive and yield effective, long-term sustainable change, we will always hold a consideration of how others may feel, think and experience situations. We will practice compassion; awareness of others’ perspectives, and understanding of their views.

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