Testimonials & Impact

Since our beginning in 2004, we have offered many solutions and services in a way to give back to individuals and groups who make a great impact on their communities. Each year we select up to two clients to receive pro bono consulting or coaching and up to two sliding scale clients every six months.  Since 2011 we have also offered partial scholarships for almost all of our coach certification training programs to qualified individuals. Coming soon will be special offerings to qualified leaders as a way to further our impact and help them pave the way for a better world.

Sheila Prados

“Jessi is a bright and charismatic leader who brings great energy and discernment to both problem solving and vision building scenarios.

I have worked with Jessi on the San Diego Organizational Development Network Board and she has provided a great source of expertise and guidance to help strengthen the identity and function of the board. I am very grateful to get to serve alongside one of San Diego’s great professional leaders.”
Sarah Check Ferry, San Diego CA


“When I made the decision to attend the Personal Branding workshop, I had already developed a preconceived notion of what would be presented. I was quite inaccurate in my expectations. This workshop was about empowerment and identity. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Jessi LaCosta, presented the material in an interactive and engaging manner. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this workshop.” Sheila Prados, Baltimore, MD

Pat Maldi, Boys & Girls Club, Carlsbad

“She is fabulous — full of great and inventive ideas, and wonderful at implementing concepts.”

“We worked with Jessi on branding, internet presence, and various marketing activities. Jessi is very giving of her time and talent, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her. Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad feels fortunate to have her formidable skills as a resource.”

Pat Maldi, Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad, Carlsbad CA

“The quality that sets Jessi apart from others, though, is her passion for her work and her compassion for her clients.  She understands the true nature of coaching – she “gets it.”


“Jessi LaCosta brings skill, knowledge and wit to an array of topics that are important to students and other potential leaders in our community.  Jessi has the ability to tailor her presentations to fit a multitude of audiences, so that complex topics can be understood by all, from beginners to experts. Jessi has been a true joy to work with both as a participant in workshops and as a presenter, and is a valuable asset to any individual or group as a coach, trainer, facilitator or speaker.

Anthony Butler, University of Baltimore, Baltimore. MD



Impact projects

Stay tuned for summaries of projects, case studies and more.

"I just wanted to thank you for your speech yesterday. The material was relevant to the audience. I appreciated how you incorporated statistics with personal stories. I was moved by what you said and how you related your calling but in a non-religious way. You were the perfect speaker to address our audience on Sept. 11th. Thank you for your time, energy and making our event extra special."

Lovedy Zie-Carroll, M.H.A., Special Events Manager, Guest Development, Pala Casino Spa Resort

"'I'm so grateful to you and your Personal Branding Boot Camp! Your expertise proved positive when I took all the brilliant nuggets I learned and applied it to my new business venture. The Boot Camp was not only very professional, but clear, focused, structured and extremely informative.

Amie Hoff, Hoff Fitness, New York City

"I had transitioned out of a long and successful military career....Military personnel offer a wealth of expertise and talent, but sometimes this gets lost in translation with employers. Using creative coaching techniques and exploration tools, Jessi helped me recognize my greatest strengths and assets and illustrate them in a way that shows the value I can bring to any employer. Her assistance was a godsend in my career search efforts."

Dale Rupright, St Louis, Missouri

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