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1. Leadership, Resilience, Executive, Transformational


More about Coaching

Coaching offers guidance and groundwork for decision-making and growth. It delivers noticeable, genuine results. It is a powerful, profound resource for many people. At its core, it is about a relationship that results in clarity and manifesting purposeful potential. And it is about partnering for a win…

For an organization, a coaching program can be designed to inspire professionals to enhance their management and leadership capabilities and can also to focus on specific areas when needed. Coaching can be an integral part of a department or an agency-wide development and strategic initiative. In a fast-paced environment, high-performing individuals are expected to have keen technical skills and exhibit strong leadership, ownership, and accountability.

More can be found at: coaching page

From an ICF Survey:



We offer various types of coaching including:


  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Resilience Coaching
  • Solutions-Focused Coaching

 Coaching page

Engaging with a coach

When you engage a coach – you are working with a trusted source.  It is about moving your visions from thoughts into actions that drive results. Read more…


Why Use a Coach?

More can be found:
coaching page
Example of coaching objectives:

  • Increase Efficacy
  • Enhance Ability to Lead in Relation to Organizational Brand
  • Strengthen Executive Presence and Presentation Skills for Leadership Impact
  • Foster Resilience in challenging situations
  • Support a Leader in a Startup, or Key Strategic Initiative
  • Heighten Self-Regulation
  • Improve Motivation
  • Improve the Existing Culture of the Team/Organization
  • Taking More Initiatives in Project Planning
  • Maximizing Delegating Efforts
  • Increasing ability to leverage time and resources
  • Increase Insight and Analysis
  • Improve Strategic Thinking
  • Improve Problem-Solving and Confidence

Coaching is about YOU seizing opportunities to move to the next level, guided by someone whose only agenda is only to hold YOU to the highest level of possible achievement and positive change. This is where the win-win comes in. A coach understands at your core that you WANT to win. It may be a win in finding a new strength – it may be a win in landing a new job – it may be a win in feeling like your life is worthwhile – it could even be a win to build a super-successful team.

Working with the Founder, Jessi LaCosta

 I offer fair, honest and clear feedback to help remove the things impeding success while enhancing the possibilities for maximising potential

Jessi LaCosta, BCC

I have a long history of helping people find clarity, experience paradigm shifts – get real with themselves and build roadmaps for their futures. Most of my clients do more than meet their goals – they surpass them.


Whether you lead a team, a department, or an entire company,  you may feel alone facing the challenges ahead of you. Yet, with the support of a neutral, fair and resourceful coach you can stand strong, ready and equipped to face the future.


***Coaching is not therapy and is not training. It is an experience of growth, guidance and empowerment.

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Leadership Coaching


2. Strategic Insight

My Approach

Partnering with people from all levels, I work with them either one-on-one or to collaborate with them and their team, agency, or company to inspire transformation and put in place systems that yield long-term growth. Known particularly for my keen ability to laser in on critical issues with strategy, creative options and a sense of mutual trust and respect, my solutions are responsive, customized and reflective of each client’s needs.  For those who need virtual services, I am very comfortable with this as I have been offering virtual training, coaching, and consulting since 2007. For larger projects, I partner and team with innovative, intentional, and successful subject matter experts and other professionals.

Types of Consulting

Serving Social Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises, NonProfits, Municipalities, City, State, Federal Agencies, Executives, Impact-Driven, Purpose-Driven and Mission-Minded Professionals.

BlueRio Offers:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Resilience Building
  • Brand-Centered Sustainability™
  • Vision, Mission, Purpose Development
  • Conflict Management and Crisis Communications
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Capacity Development
  • Leadership and Culture Alignment
  • Teambuilding
  • Talent Optimization
  • Assessments (Talent, 360’s, leadership & more)

Personal and professional resilience is crucial for development and long-term sustainable success.  Whether resilience is the main focus of consulting or the underpinning – most projects include the essence of resilience building as a componant of the strategy. Another way to view resilience is harnessing the power of adaptability and flexibility to move with the tide, to grow from the crisis or difficult situation, to manage in the face of adversity.

It’s not just about getting past your challenges, but thriving because of them. And success is often resulting from the desire and dedication to be proactive in fostering resilience and smart strategies BEFORE extreme adversity hits.


Examples of past consulting projects:

•Brand-Leadership for Nonprofit Executive Director and Leadership Staff. Facilitation and Strategy Sessions for Board and Staff as part of Strategic Planning for building and launching new Facility.

•Brand Reputation Audit for Retail Small Trucking Company, inlcuding Evaluation of Mission and Vision and Brand Awareness at all Stakeholders level.

•Marketing and Public Relations Strategy, Planning, Development and Execution for Chiropractor Practice with several locations.

•Conflict Management Consulting and Training for Nonprofit board members.  Strategic Planning Guidance and Solutions for Membership Development upon Board-member Shift and Alignment of Roles.

•Strategic Planning and Brand Reflection Facilitation for State Park prior to launch of Special Task Force Report to the Governor.


Talent Optimization

Solutions combining coaching, consulting and Data-Driven Assessment and AI powered solutions to Aquire and Retain best performers and to Design, Deliver and Develop High-Performing Teams Read more here.

What is Brand-Centered Sustainability™?

Brand-Centered Sustainability (BCS) – A mindful approach that connects people to inspired, accountable visions and results in attuned, compassionate leadership and healthy growth. While this can be used in any agency or organization, it is often most closely related to strategic culture alignment in nonprofits, social enterprises and mission-focused companies.


Brand-Centered Sustainability™ refers to the infusion of the brand essence into all facets of an organization or a person’s life. The brand essence, also considered the meaning behind a person, product or a company. Sometimes even referred to as THE SOUL, or the emotional connection of the brand (personal brand, product or organizational brand) to its stakeholders – staff, vendors, patients, clients and customers.

The brand essence, when integrated into the systems and culture of a team or oganization, is the glue that binds intentions, aspirations and behavior. And when intentions are driven by realistic goals, accountable leadership and inspired visions that connect to the brand – sustainable success can be achieved.

Brand-Centered Leadership contributes to Brand-Centered Sustainability. Looking at leadership, teams and organizations through this lens is also about understanding how to increase and enhance adaptability and flexibility to foster more thn sustainability. It can be used to foster resilience.

BCS© can be applied to any organization, small company or firm and most successfully to double and triple bottom line organizations and cause-focused individuals.

  • Traditional bottom-line = purely financial profits
  • Double bottom-line = people and profits
  • Triple bottom-line = people, planet and profits
Government Services (Capability Statement)

CAGE Code: 8NCT2

BlueRio Strategies, LLC is a Woman-Owned, Small Business.

BlueRio Strategies, LLC focuses on fostering leadership potential and maximizing resiliency in individuals and organizations through transformative program development, coaching, training, and consulting.  Specializing in sustainable solutions that are often based on leading-edge neuroscience and innovative strategies, BlueRio is committed to best practices in individual, team, and organizational effectiveness in many industries and sectors including, local and state municipalities and the USA Federal Government.


LaCosta, the founder of BlueRio Strategies, meets people where there are, and helps them face problems and opportunities in order to move forward to where they want to be.  It’s one thing to talk about missions and visions, it’s another thing to transform thoughts into actions. She works with individuals, community leaders, executives, and groups to gain clarity around their crucial situations and their best potential using breakthrough strategies based on neuroscience to transform individuals, organizations, and communities.



Impact Snapshot

  • Developed curriculum for six coach certification programs approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education
  • Have coached in excess of 3000 hours to individuals at all levels
  • Able to deliver many assessments, including behavior, personality, leadership and 360º feedback
  • Honored as one of top 20 women who impact San Diego (June 2013 San Diego Metro Magazine)
  • Partnered with Veritas Communication to media train Swiss Re’s high-level insurance industry executives
  • Featured four times as a Luminary on InspireMeToday.com
  • Seven-year Board Member; Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (Education & Coach Liaison)
  • Founded the USA’s First CCE, BCC-Approved veteran-focused coach certification training program career development
  • Featured in local, regional and international press; most recently as an author for NeuroPsychotherapy Journal
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, “in recognition of your dedication to support our veterans and their families.”
  • Certified NC  Woman-Owned HUB

download a PDF of current Capability Statement here:

BlueRio Strategies Capability Statement


NAICS Codes:

541611: Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services

541612: Human Resources Consulting Services

541613: Marketing Consulting Services

541618: Other Management Consulting Services

611430: Professional and Management Development

Training & Professional Speaking


3. Facilitation, Workshops, Retreats


Offering on-site, virtual or a blend of both –

Soft Skills Development and Training

Areas include:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Team-Building
  • Goal-Setting
  • Performance Management
  • Resilience (Line to Leader)
  • Resilience – First Responders

virtual training
IN-person training
inspriational retreats


Examples of Past Training:

  • Goal-Setting (OKRs) for VP level and Supervisors of State-Wide Bus & Transportation Company
  • Performance Management for VP level of State-Wide Bus & Transportation Company
  • Employee Motivation for Senior Managers and Leadership, Federal Law Enforcement Agency
  • Resilient Leadership for Career Mastery -Medical Manufacturing company
  • Team-building and Conflict Management – State Agency
  • Maximize Your Messages – Marketing that Makes Impact – Nonprofit Agency for other Nonprofits
  • Strategic Communication & Advance Communication Planning for Federal Agency
  • Audience Analysis & Mapping, Evaluating Communication for Federal Agency


BlueRio Strategies also is the founder of BlueRio Institute – where many coach training and coach certification programs are offered. Most are BCC-Approved by the Center for Credential and Education.


Coach Training and Certification

To learn more about becoming a coach please visit our other site at BlueRio Institute

There you can learn about coach training in areas such as:

  • Leadership and Resilience
  • Life Mapping
  • Life Mapping for Military Connected (Families, Veterans)
  • Family Dynamics Coaching
  • Continuing Education for Board Certified Coaches (BCCs)

Most of our courses are BCC-Approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education

Keynote Engagements & Other Speaking

“Have this woman back every year- she really touched me!”

“The storytelling was extremely intense and really got me thinking…”

“The power of her story and just her words in general. Awesome speaker!”

LaCosta inspires, engages and educates her audiences. Whether you need a speaker for one hour, one day or several weeks for training, consider Jessi LaCosta of BlueRio Strategies to fill your needs. She has more than 20 years experience leading small and large groups.


Topics, Retreats and Training Presentations include:

  • Communicate, Captivate, Move Things Forward©
  • Desire to Inspire! – Motivational Programs tailored for leadership development, customer service and more!
  • IACEE Personal Brand – Building Resilient Reputations Through Your Brand ©
  • Brand-Centered Sustainability© Building
  • Resilient Leadership and Fostering Healthy Cultures
  • Coaching Through Acceptance©
  • Branding Yourself for Career Success
  • Do More than Survive – Learn to Thrive!
  • Overcoming Adversity and Crisis
    Teambuilding – Empowering the Group for Sustainable Success
  • Military Veteran Life-Mapping, Transition & Reintegration
  • Custom Presentations


I just wanted to thank you for your speech yesterday. It was so appropriate and humbling. I was moved by what you said and how you related your calling but…You were the perfect speaker ” Lovedy Zie-Carroll, Pala Casino Spa Resort (Pala, CA) Annual September 11 Memorial Event




Resilient Reputations: Womens Leadership Conference -Abbott Vascular

Branding Yourself for Career Success – Project Mgt Institute – San Diego,

Workshop: Conflict Management – Western Municipal Water District (CA)

(Leadership Institute) San Diego Health & Human Services

Keynote: 10th Annual Butterfy Event: Pala Casino and Resort (CA)

Resonance and Alignment: Connecting to Your Clients Through Authentic, Mindful Marketing, Portland State

Panelist: DECA Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference,

Eliciting Excellence Conference, One of 10 leadership experts,

Making Your Communication Count – The Power of Promise: SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America)

VisionWeekend 2010 Conference, Branding – Impacting Your Double-bottom line Through Promises and Solutions.


Other Appearances include:

National Speaker’s Assocation, San Diego Chapter
IOC 2010
University of San Diego
Guest Speaker; Kevin Kermes Career Boot Camp
ISES, San Diego Chapter
NonProfit Day sponsored by NMS
San Diego State UniversitY
San Diego Trauma Therapy Annual Dinner
University of Baltimore
ISES, DC Chapter
University of Delaware





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